Introduction to duc's personal blog.

This is where I'll ramble. I am also testing how the markdown works in this post. Also, this is where the excerpt ends.

I am currently with many many tabs open, some of them the same. Anyway, do markdown links work? I've seen that html is also functional. My biggest issue yet has been the fact that turning the single-user instance feature on would also turn off my ability to create multiple blogs. Which makes sense from a certain angle. However, this is now a multi-user single-user instance. I also wish I could set an image that would be seen from other types of fedi instances as a profile picture – this could be shown as favicon when viewed locally –, but I understand that that's not a main function of blogs.

I am planning to create a few blogs, and we'll see how much I write on them. The first one is this, which is just a personal blog where I can write anything that comes to mind, rant, write about queer shit, etc. Then there is a tech one for now, where I could post uhhmmm tech stuff. I might also make one for Motorsports articles (cause I have a few opinions regarding those, eh), and a blog for the occasional Hungarian post could also make sense, albeit unlikely. One for writings also came to mind, like song lyrics, but those can also be displayed on the personal one so ehhh.

All in all, we'll see how long this thing lasts lmao. For now, I'm just glad I got this working and federating.